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About us

Our team

Aïda Sy-Wonyu, KamSkool Managing Director, is a Lecturer at French Universities and a former student of Ecole Normale Sup (Fontenay-Saint-Cloud). Graduate of Sciences Po Paris and Sorbonne, she has extensive experience in higher education, especially French and Cameroonian, having been a lecturer in French and Cameroonian universities for close to 25 years. She was Country Manager of Campus France-Cameroon for 4 years. She also headed the Douala branch of the Institut Français du Cameroon for 5 years.

Ours coaches

At kamSkool, all coaches are selected rigorously based on excellence and competence criteria. In addition to good academic qualification, we are interested in their human and great listening abilities which will enable them to take care of the young people who contact us, to help them know themselves better and build a path to personal and academic success.

Finally, we instill in them rigour, professionalism and commitment, and give them internationally recognized tools and techniques to be effective in their coaching. We strive to find the best match between coaches and coachees.

Jacob Belinga

Coach Orientation

Olive Sondi

 Human Resources

Ashu Sinke

Coach Orientation

Our values 

Listening, patience, discipline, rigour and flexibility are the bases of our commitment to parents, institutions and prospective partners both in Cameroun and abroad.

Experience 90%

Professionalism 80%

Guidance and counseling 90%

Ethics 100%

Assurance 90%

Our method 

We offer coaching sessions through face-to-face meetings on our premises, by telephone or via our website The first session is held at our premises during which our young client (high school or university student) is expected to come with a parent or guardian. This session allows us to analyse together the student’s difficulties, set our goals and agree on a coaching programme. 

Following that initial face-to-face meeting, we recommend a minimum of 3 coaching sessions, either on our premises or by telephone, depending on the student’s needs. In addition, students will easily manage their coaching programmes via our website and app: book appointments, chat online or offline, learn about studies in Cameroon or abroad, pay for their coaching sessions through secured online payment. 

KamSkool also offers complementary activities designed according to the students’ age and level of studies. Such activities aim at opening their minds and enabling them to make informed, realistic and consistent choices through thematic workshops and get-togethers with professionals and experts (for instance: medical studies; jobs in the digital sector; studying in Europe, etc.).

Your KamSkool journey

  • Introductory session: Dialogue begins with the family, the young person, the coach and Kamskool’s management to identify the future coachee’s needs and design a schedule. 
  • First and second coaching sessions: Together with the coachee, the coach defines objectives and endeavours to guide the young person in his reflections on his projects (type of study, profession, going abroad or not). These two sessions are spaced one or two weeks apart to allow the coachee time to think, mature and return to the coach in order to advance in the reflection process. The sessions can be done via live chat. 
  • Third session: If possible, this debriefing session takes place at our premises; families are encouraged to attend in order to be aware of the outcome of the three sessions. This assessment determines whether additional sessions are necessary.